About Everyday Finance

Everyday Finance is a website created by Nick Schafer, a student at Central Michigan University. Nick is majoring in Personal Financial Planning and plans to take the CFP® exam shortly after graduation. He has a growing passion for personal finance, whether it be investing for retirement, or planning for the next big purchase. He plans on continuing to inspire and educate people of all ages by posting engaging, but to the point articles, ranging all things related to personal finance.

Nick Schafer, creator of EverydayFinance.org

A message from Nick:

“Just because the personal financial landscape is complex and confusing doesn’t mean it has to be.

Even industry professionals struggle with knowing all the details of the newest SEC regulations or the best method of funding a college degree. I am a strong believer that even if you don’t know every single element of the industry, you can still benefit greatly from knowing the basics. That’s why I created this blog. To make learning financial concepts easier for the everyday worker; who might not have the time to sit down and read all 6,550 pages of the U.S. tax code (seriously, it is that long).

Furthermore, if you visited this site, it shows that you are taking steps to improve your understanding of everything finance, which alone is a personal achievement. I hope you can gain value out of this website and that you continue to better your financial well-being.”

Please note that Nick is not licensed to provide investment advice and that you are liable for your own financial decisions.

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